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We are free apartment locators that work with second chance apartments, and we have the most up to date information on apartments that will not waste your time or application fees.

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Second Chance Apartment definitions:

  • Property debt: If you owe a property money from a prior lease that you were in, or co-signed for someone else.
  • Broken Lease: If you left a lease or even forgot to turn in your notice to vacate.
  • Bankruptcy: If you have a closed bankruptcy that is troubling you still.
  • Bad Credit: Low credit score from repossession, collections, medical bills, or late payments.
  • Eviction: If you were asked to leave an apartment due to not paying your rent, or other reasons.
  • First Time Renter: If you have no rental history.
  • Background: We can help non-violent felonies(over 5 years old) and non-violent misdemeanors(over 2 years old).
  • Foreclosure: If you had to short-sale, or default on a mortgage loan.

Have you been denied recently? We have second chance apartments that will work with you. Second chance apartments have programs that require just an additional deposit or second chance fee, and they will approve your application. If you would like a list of these rentals, just select the issue that you are having difficulty with above.

The second chance issue pages are designed specifically to meet your needs. They have common questions and answers, as well as helpful tips that can provide you what you need to save your time and money during your second chance apartment search.


Protect yourself against the lease

The Texas property code states that the burden of proof lies upon the tenant. The lease agreement is most often written for the landlord and built to protect their interest. These two are what makes a lease a disadvantage for any tenant who is not aware of what they are getting into. Most often people just have a need for a place to live and so they do what is necessary to get one. You find a place in your search that is just right and now there is a 6 plus page fine print document that is standing between you and your new home. Most do not take the time to read the lease and those who do may not fully comprehend what all is in it. Basically the landlord has over years of experiences built a contract that protects them from loss in any situation that could be created by the tenant.

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Break a lease legally

How to legally break a lease

Lease Contract

First off a lease agreement is a binding contract between two parties which is enforceable by law. The Texas Property Code protects the tenants and the landlords, but most of the landlord’s protection is in the lease agreement. I know most people do not read them but you really should because you might need to break a lease. If you don’t read it when you sign it, you should carve out a little time to go over it later. You need to know what is in there because you may have to exercise one of those clauses later. Below I have included the ways to break a lease legally without penalty or cost. We are talking about a contract so they are neither easy nor quick.

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Free credit repair – DIY easy instructions

Free Credit Repair Guide

It is best to understand your credit first before you attempt credit repair yourself. is a great resource to find out what all is impacting your credit report. The basic factors are payment history and the amount of debt you have. If you have good payment history and low balances on debts then you are in good shape. Let face it, you are not reading this if you have good credit. The good news is that you are here to make the effort to change the direction of your credit score. The main idea in credit repair is to remove debt, and negative payment history, and increase your positive accounts.

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2nd Chance Apartments in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

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