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Background Properties

Background apartments:Criminal Background Apartments

  • Non-Violent Felony
  • Non-Violent Misdemeanor
  • Criminal Background

Felony Misdemeanor

There is a good selection of apartments that accept background issues. While you may have been denied recently, we are able to provide you a list of apartments that meet your criteria and will approve you.

Important: What would make it more difficult is if you have more than one background issue or it's paired with another issue like: eviction, broken lease, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other issues. If so, those are more pressing matters and you should direct your attention to the multiple issues page that meets your needs.

Background Frequently Asked Questions

What options do I have if apartments will not work with me?

The private rental sector is going to be a better avenue to take. Duplexes, houses for rent, etc., do not normally conduct background checks. they simply want to make sure you are qualified to afford the unit. Good resources include:

What if I am still on probation?

Apartments that accept background issues will typically require you to be completely finished with everything pertaining to the charge. Often times the apartments require the time from the completion of probation or parole to be a minimum of 3 years for a misdemeanor, and 5 years for a felony.

What if I was not convicted?

Apartments that accept background issues are black and white when it comes to anything that appears on the background check, whether is is deferred, indicted, or convicted. If it appears on the background check and their criteria does not allow it, the application will be denied. The only exception is if the charge was dismissed and you have proof of the dismissal, and sometimes properties will still deny those.


Background Helpful Tips

  1. Be honest with the leasing agents. The more up front you are with them, the less money and time you will waste.
  2. If you have dismissal papers or documents showing resolution, please be ready to provide them.
  3. Be sure to provide any documents showing that the charge has been dismissed, or diminished to improve your case with the property.

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