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Bad credit apartments

Bad credit apartments that will approve you:Bad Credit Apartment Locators

  • Bad Credit Apartments
  • Low Credit Score
  • Medical Bills
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There is a good selection of apartments that accept bad credit. While you may have been denied recently, we are able to provide you a list of apartments that meet your criteria and will approve you.

Important: What would make it more difficult is if you have bad credit paired with a broken lease, eviction, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or background issues. If so, those are more pressing matters and you should direct your attention to the multiple issues page.

Bad credit apartments Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my deposit be?

A deposit for an applicant that comes back with bad credit will most likely be close to a double deposit. So a $100 deposit would end up costing $200, for example. However, not every property is the same, and they can charge you more or less depending on the circumstances.

What if I have unpaid medical bills, a repossession, or a judgment?

There are some nice "A" list bad credit apartments out there that are willing to lease to people with bad credit situations. The properties we have categorized are willing to work with property or background related issues; so we can provide you with apartment listings where you would enjoy living.

What if I was declined because of a utility bill, or tax collection?

Either of those are automatic denial at a large percentage of properties in the market including many second chance properties. They will, in most cases, require the bill or lien to be paid in full before they can approve you.

Bad credit apartments Helpful Tips

  1. Get a free credit report if you don't have one. They do not require a credit card, and the more information you have the better equipped you will be for finding a bad credit apartment that will approve you.
  2. Dispute old negative items on your credit to start having them removed.
  3. Make sure all items within the last two years are being addressed, if they are older the properties are less likely to factor them into their decision.
  4. Know your credit score, and account history. When visiting the properties you can ask for their criteria up-front, and often times they can tell you whether or not you have a good chance to be approved.
  5. Learn how to fix your credit for free.


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