What if I have really bad credit?

Do I tell the property that I have a broken lease?

If I pay off a broken lease will it go away?

I have an eviction that is not on my credit, how does a property know I have it?

What is a typical deposit for second chance apartments?

I have a bankruptcy, can I get an apartment?

What are the background requirements for properties?

What are the properties criteria?

Most properties will work with bad credit, they will just require a larger deposit. What will make it more difficult is if you a score lower than 450, or if you are trying to get into a luxury apartment. The luxury apartments do have a higher set criteria for their potential tenants. My suggestion is to get your credit score and when you visit the properties you can ask them what are their requirements, and discuss with them your situation. If you have a property debt or a utility collection on your credit, then you need to look into the second chance properties until it has been paid off.

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Yes, bankruptcies unless they include a broken lease within them are just a credit issue. Some properties are willing to accept them and just like anything on your credit the older it is, the better. Properties that do work with them require them the be discharged.
Properties have varying degrees of what they will accept. The age of offense is one thing but most properties have a set date of time since disposition. That is the time since the last day of probation or parole, or the time since everything was completed with the state. The number of offenses on your background, and type of the offense both play a part as well.

As far as the number of felonies, I have found a couple properties that will accept two; however, I have not been able to find any properties that will take more. The type of the offense is the second key issue, if it is a misdemeanor or a felony, the offense(deferred, indicted, or convicted) cannot be a violent crime. Here are a list of violent crimes that the properties will not work with.
Sexual battery/assault
Lewd behavior
Home invasion
Aggrevated stalking
leave accident with injury/death
Dui, injury
Injury or abuse to a child

These factors combined are what will determine if you qualify for an apartment that accept felonies, and misdemeanors. If you do not qualify for an apartment, your options are now in the privately owned and managed. Which you can find listings in the classifieds like www.craigslist.com, and other rental listing sites:
Violent Crimes
Yahoo Real Estate
Often times no, it will no longer show up on your credit, but the properties use a rental database which shows them past discrepancies. It will help, but the property must be willing to work with the broken lease. I have heard of properties from time to time making an exception to their standards and allowing a client that is not within their guidelines. These required manager override and a unique situation. They do have the ability to look past rental problems if everything else checks out.
It really depends on the property, some communities with a move-in special can still honor it and allow you to lease there with no extra deposit; although, those properties are exceedingly difficult to find. Most properties will require a larger deposit that will range from double deposit, up to first and last months rent up-front. Be prepared to put down a larger deposit than listed.
It is a sliding scale, and most properties are different from one another based on what they will accept.
1. The standard property requires income equal to 3 times the rent, and at least 6 months of good rental history. The credit however is not a deal breaker in most cases, if your's is low then you would just be responsible for a larger deposit. Also you cannot owe any utility companies, tax liens, or other properties.

2. Second chance property requirements are more relaxed, and often times there is a property out there for any situation. The properties do have varying limitations like how many evictions or broken leases they are willing to accept. Also there are limitations to balances and age of debt, for example: no more than $2500, and at least 2 years old. There is a sliding scale anywhere from $500 to unlimited amount owed, and anywhere from being just evicted to 20 year old evictions. The properties that I will provide for you accept at least 1 issue with your situation, and you should always let the property know up-front what your unique situation is, to see if it meets their criteria.
My suggestions has always been yes, there are too many properties out there that will work with issues to be throwing away application fees. Be up-front with them, and often times they can tell you prior to submitting the application whether or not they can work with you. Almost all properties have clear defined guidelines of what they can accept.

The properties that I send you are going to be more likely to work with you because I already have spoken with them and know what their requirements are for potential clients.
A large majority of properties use a rental database which is not like the credit companies. They are updated by the properties, and an eviction or broken lease on this database can stay with you much longer than 7 years. Even when a debt has been paid and the collection is removed from your credit, you will still have it on the rental database.
Do not deter from paying the debt because there are hundreds of properties that will accept a rental issue only when it has been paid in full.

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