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There are several websites that promise a free credit report, but after getting your credit card information they become that annoying company that wants to charge you anyways. They will charge your card with the subscription fee unless you call their cancellation hotline and sit on the phone arguing with someone about why you do not need their services. This stigma is what people think of when they hear “Free Credit Report”. I have some great news. There really are sites that are free, and you may have heard of them. – Free Trans Union & Equifax credit report & score – Free Trans Union credit report and Vantage Score – Free Experian credit score You may have seen this site mentioned on some of the pages within our site. It is a free credit report website that does not require your credit card, and they provide a free Equifax AND Trans Union credit report every 6 months. They also provide helpful information about how to manage your finances and other services that are optional, but the credit report is complete and available for free. It will provide you with an estimated credit score, and all of the accounts on your credit report. The credit report has the history, contact information, and current balance of all of the accounts. CreditKarma’s credit report also labels each of the accounts if they are negative, closed, or open. This is important if you plan to fix your credit, which is covered more in the next article.

For those of you who are looking for an apartment:

It is especially important to know what is on your credit report before you go and apply at an apartment. Most apartment communities use Equifax, so CreditKarma is the best resource for knowing what the apartment communities are going to see. By knowing what is on your credit report, you or your apartment locator can help you more effectively by providing apartments that have worked with your situation. What you need to know is:

1. Is there a property debt? If so,credit report

  • Is it listed as a broken lease, eviction, or judgement?
  • How much is the debt for?
  • When was the debt posted to your credit?
  • Was the debt re-posted with a different collection company more recent than the original debt?
  • How many property collections are there?

2. What is your estimated score?

3. Do you have any utility debt? (e.g. Electric, Phone, Gas, etc…)

4. Do you have a tax collection? (County, State, or IRS)

By knowing the above information you can be more prepared when applying for an apartment. The utility and the tax collections will get declined in most cases, and almost every apartment requires the debt to be paid in full in order for them to work with your application.

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